Graystripe accidenitly kills Whiteclaw, a riverclan warrior

Graystripe secretly meets with silverstream after she safed his life

Cinderpaw nearly gets killed on the thunderpath

Tigerclaw is no longer in Thunderclan

Silverstream dies

Graystripe joins Riverclan

Fireheart is the new deputy f Thunderclan

Runningwind dies

Cloudpaw is sneaking food from Twolegs

Tigerclaw is leader of Shawdowclan

Nightstar and Cinderfur die of sickness

Yellowfang,Halftail,and Patchpelt die of a fire

Swiftpaw dies and Brightpaw is injured

Bluestar dies

Wild dogs attack Thunderclan

Fireheart is leader

Firestar heard that rouges have become Bloodclan

Bloodclan's leader, Scourge killed tigerstar

Along with Ravenpaw and Barly the clan cats fight to keep their clan safe from Bloodclan

Whitestorm,Stonefur,Darkstripe,Scourge,Bone,Gorsepaw die in the battles

Graystripe is deputy of Thunderclan While mistyfoot is deputy of Riverclan

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